Arctic Youth Network


Workshop summaries and online discussions

  • Monday, August 22
    What is the relationship between youth and education in the North? Where do you see the biggest gaps in your community?
  • Tuesday, August 23
    What kinds of issues surround language in your region of the North? What kinds of relationships extend from these issues?
  • Wednesday, August 24
    What changes have you witnessed in your environment? How do these changes affect your everyday life or the well-being of your community?
  • Thursday, August 25
    What are the most effective ways youth in your region communicate with each other? With youth in other places? With their governments? With people they admire? With their elders?
  • Friday, August 26
    What is your vision for the Arctic Youth Network?
  • Saturday, August 27
    Would you like to work with the AYN as it moves forward? How?