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Park Visitors

Park Visitors

What is happening?

  • This graph shows the year to year changes in the number of visitors travelling through protected areas in the region. Tourist activity is relatively low compared to southern areas and the visitor season tends to be quite short.
  • Herschel Island Territorial Park and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska receive the largest number of visitors. Over the last decade, Ivvavik National Park has averaged about 200 visitors per year while Vuntut National Park receives about two dozen visitors (see arrows on graph).

Why is it important?

  • To reach any of these parks requires access by air or boat so an increase in visitors brings with it a potential increase in disturbance associated with transportation activity.

Technical Notes

  • Numbers of visitors at Herschel Island have been estimated from guest book signatures.
  • The numbers estimated for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge include guided visitors, guided hunters and "unguided visitors" that arrive by air taxi. These numbers do not include subsistence users travelling in the area.
  • The numbers estimated for Ivvavik National Park since 2004 include research parties as well as students involved in Youth Camps.
  • Numbers for Vuntut National Park include visitors, researchers and film crew parties but do not include traditional users travelling in the area.

Text revised: Dec. 11, 2010     Data added: Dec. 11, 2010