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An educator's guide to wild caribou of North America

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This is the support site for Project Caribou, a 150-page learning package on the wild caribou of North America. Students and educators are both welcome.

Latest News and Additions to this site:

Project Caribou is now available en français. See our info page.

Project Caribou Blog! All current events and news are posted at the Caribou News (Project Caribou) Weblog. If you are on the Project Caribou e-mail list, then you will receive the content of new postings.

What is Project Caribou?

Project Caribou is:

  • an authoritative and concise publication about caribou
  • a resource with general information and K-12 activities on caribou, with specific case studies on several North American herds
  • a response to considerable educator demand
  • the culmination of several years of effort on the part of many individuals and groups around the continent

What does this web site offer?

As a support site for Project Caribou, you will find:

How can I learn about updates to this site?

If you wish to receive e-mail announcements about Project Caribou, particularly changes and additions to this web site, send an e-mail (no subject or body message necessary) to:

How can you contact us?

We invite your comments, suggestions, questions and contributions. Please contact:

Mr. Remy Rodden
Manager, Environmental Education and Youth Programs
Yukon Department of Environment
Government of Yukon
#10 Burns Road
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 4Y9

(867) 667-3675
(867) 393-6206 fax

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