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Mass Tourism

How would mass tourism affect Old Crow?

Mass tourism brings in more visitors than any other scenario.   Visitors number 1,800, or twice as many as the next largest--eco-tourism with roads--scenario. Mass tourism involves an international operator. Locals would not have total ownership or control of large enterprises. With mass tourism development there is only a small increase in local jobs (17 more than the eco-tourism with roads scenario) and revenue. Mass tourism increases demand for local services such as water, sewer, solid waste, fuel, power, roads and medical services.  Because this scenario has a road, the effects of a road on Old Crow are also important here. 

In addition to policies to start up local businesses and build a road, this scenario features an internationally recognized tour operator as a key player. Visitors travel by motor coach in groups numbering up to 75 people in each. The international company subcontracts to local businesses. 

In this scenario, there are federally funded jobs related to road construction which last 10 years and involve commuting. There are also permanent jobs related to tourism and road maintenance. Like the other scenarios, tourism jobs are seasonal with relatively low earnings, and education requirements

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