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Credits and copyrights

The web sites on Taiga Net are developed co-operatively by Canadian, U.S., and territorial government agencies, First Nations government organizations, universities, researchers, co-management bodies, and non-profit societies. Each site on this network owns and manages its own content.

All material on Taiga Net unless otherwise stated is © 1996-2009 by the Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Society, 91782 Alaska Highway, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 5B7. Material may be reproduced with permission, as long as no material is used for profit.

Much of the material on Taiga Net originates from organizations not subject to the Canadian Official Languages Act and is available on this site in the language in which the material was written.

Many people have contributed to Taiga Net. The regulars are:

Web authors and designers:
Dorothy Cooley, Jane Downing, Claire Eamer, Joan Eamer, Scott Gilbert, Joe Inverarity, Jill Johnstone, Martin Kienzler, Jim Hawkings, Cameron Eckert, Nancy Hughes, Mike Hartman, Sarah Locke, Cody Miller, Remy Rodden, Kent Sinnott, Karin Svec, Debbie van de Wetering.

yourYukon column authors:
Claire Eamer, Teresa Earle, Erling Friis-Baastad, and Sarah Locke.

The many fine cartoons used in Taiga Net were drawn by Doug Urquhart and scanned and messed-about-with by Joan Eamer.

Site manager is Cody Miller at .