About the Yukon State of the Environment Report

What is state of the environment reporting ?

State of the environment reporting in Canada began with the publication of the first national report in 1986. The Yukon report responds to a broad interest in the health of the territory's environment. The purpose of the report is to provide information that will help us make the right decisions to build a sustainable economy and conserve a healthy environment. This report does not make recommendations, set policy or present a report card on the environment.

The Yukon SOE Report was prepared to answer four questions:

The information needed to answer these questions was gathered from many sources - government agencies, non-government groups, management boards set up through land claims agreements, and First Nation elders. Evolving scientific knowledge of the north has recently converged with First Nations' traditional knowledge. This traditional ecological knowledge is anchored in generations of first-hand observations of wildlife and experience on the land and helps to enhance our understanding of the Yukon environment.

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