Ecological Regions - Reporting Units

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The state of the Yukon environment is described from several perspectives. In this section we present highlights from five reporting units (click map above). The reporting units follow the natural boundaries that separate the Yukon's diverse landscape into 23 ecoregions. These ecoregions differ in their biological and physical characteristics such as vegetation types, topography and climate (a more detailed map is available here). The focus of the overall report is to describe the interconnections between our society, economy and natural ecosystems. Read on and learn more about some of the problems and challenges that face us in different parts of the Yukon.

North Yukon Ogilvie/Wernecke/Selwyn Mountains Central Yukon Southwest Yukon Southeast Yukon
North Yukon Ogilvie /Wernecke / Selwyn Central Yukon Southwest Yukon Southeast Yukon