Yukon Environmental Timeline...

8,000 BP

Forests reappeared about 8,000 years ago and tree species changed during glacial melt and warming.

Mink-man went to several women and told them about their husband, Raven, being killed. When one woman heard the story, she cried and pinched her skin.Then she was changed into the spruce tree, with its rough pinched bark.

When another heard it, she cried and slit her skin with a knife. She became a poplar, with its deeply cut bark.

When a third woman was told the story, she cried and pinched herself until she bled. She turned into the alder, whose bark is used to make red dye.

1350 - 1870 Outlook for the Next 500 Years - Chilly

The Little Ice Age - the climate cooled in many areas. Mountain glaciers and polar ice caps expanded. In 1826, the Franklin expedition fought through this heavy ice and reached Herschel Island. They were the first Europeans to see the Yukon.

Ships trapped in ice near Point Barrow, Alaska, 1876. (jpeg 25K) From a sketch by Captain William H. Kelly.