Yukon Environmental Timeline...

1884 Gold on the Stewart! - This was the first gold strike that attracted men in substantial numbers to the Yukon. From the Stewart, they fanned out to search other rivers.

1886 Gold on the Fortymile! - By 1887, the area had yielded $75,000 in gold and about 300 men were in the vicinity. Until the discovery of coarse gold at Fortymile, mining was mostly seasonal, on river bars. The simple pan and shovel gave way to shafts, fire thawing, sluices and the buildings required for overwintering.

1896 Gold in the Klondike! - The discovery of gold on Rabbit Creek started the great rush to the Yukon.

1898 Gold on Duncan Creek! - This creek in the Mayo area was not staked until 1901. By 1904 there were about 80 placer miners in the district.

1898 An estimated 30,000 people live in Dawson City, with 40,000 in the territory.